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Please find a list and link to the various professional photography associations that I am a member of. I believe that you can always continue to learn and better your craft. Being part of these professional organizations give me to the tools and knowledge to be a better photographer and service provider.
The Bay Professional Photographers Association (BPPA) provides an opportunity for photographers to come together to exchange ideas and information and encourage each other to become better at their craft. The association allows photographers to improve their skills by presenting photographic programs and holding print competitions. The association also provides the benefit of networking with other photographers for business and social interaction.
The Florida Professional Photographers, Inc. exists solely for the good of its members. The association provides the tools and educational opportunities for its members to achieve their business and artistic goals. It is committed to an ongoing exchange of information and experiences among all members in an open and friendly atmosphere.
Our mission is simple: To create a vibrant community of successful professional photographers by providing education, resources and industry standards of excellence. With more than 150 years of history, PPA’s long narrative parallels the origins of photography itself. Times change, but our dedication to serving our members remains constant. We are a partner, advocate and guide for photographers navigating the increasingly complex business of photography.
The American Society of Media Photographers, abbreviated ASMP, is a professional association of imaging professionals, including photojournalists, architectural, underwater, food/culinary and advertising photographers as well as video/film makers and other specialists.
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