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8 Hour Wedding Photography




8 Hours

About the Course

The beginning wedding photography class is an 8-hour course that provides an overview of the skills and techniques required to become a successful wedding photographer. The class covers the technical side of wedding photography, essential equipment, pre-wedding preparation, wedding day photography, post-processing and image editing, business and marketing for wedding photographers, and final thoughts and tips. Students will learn about camera settings, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, lighting, and lens selection. They will also learn about organizing and editing their images, creating a wedding album, building a portfolio, and establishing a brand. The course is designed for beginners who are interested in pursuing a career in wedding photography or for those who want to improve their skills and knowledge. By the end of the class, students will have a solid foundation in wedding photography and be better equipped to capture beautiful and memorable images of their clients' special day.

Your Instructor

David Graham

David is a full time wedding photographer with years of experience and hundreds of weddings successfully completed. He is five star rated on The Know, Weddingwire, and Google. He is a PPA member and the Vice President of the BPPA. He has over 30 years of teaching experience!

David Graham
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